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    So I am 18 days clean from Lortabs 20-40mg a day for 3 years. Most physical things are gone. I still don’t have a lot of energy in my legs and I get tired from physical movement a little easier. I am trying to occupy my time well. It’s funny how when I feel my best is when I think about / crave using. I still have some anxiety. It’s funny, when anxious I am terrified of using, which is what started my addiction any way. I look at my addiction, and no offense, does not compare to what a lot of you folks have dealt with. I feel like I am missing something in my life. That something is drugs. I can’t seem to find something that is not a substance to replace it. I keep telling myself that 18 days is a lot less than 3 years … it’s just hard sometimes. I think it’s time to go see a therapist. What credentials would you look for in finding a therapist? Money is not a problem, as I will pay cash to keep everything off my medical records. Any input?

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