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    You can have anything you desire when you have something to offer in return. The path to lasting success is traveled by continuously creating something new and valuable to offer.

    If your focus is on getting, and taking, and acquiring, you will meet up with much resistance. Such an approach will make it nearly impossible to accomplish the goals you’ve set for yourself.

    Focus instead on finding ways to give, to create value, and to make that real and meaningful value available to others. When you seek to give of yourself, the possibilities for doing so will have no limit.

    Many people are, by nature, quite thoroughly self-centered. Do you realize what an incredible opportunity that represents?

    By giving people what they want, you can readily achieve whatever you want. Work to advance the interests of others, and your own interests are even more profoundly advanced.

    Look at the world around you and ask yourself what you’re able to offer that can bring value to the moment and to the situation. Answer that question and you’ve figured out how to move quickly ahead.

    — Ralph Marston

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