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    I’ve been going to outpatient groups since august 27th and I’ve been on suboxone since aug 25 09.
    I’ve been doing pretty good staying away from my drugs of choice, opiates, narcotic pain pills, cocaine, crack.
    I’ve only relapsed 2x, 1x on crack, the second time most recently xanax and adderol.
    I have go to to a wedding tomorw to see people i cant stand. they are family and i dont wantto go but i know i hav e to. i got a lot of support in my group meeting today and a lot of advice ,has annyone else had this prob and how did youd eal with it?

    also, does anyone in here do self harm , im trying to stp. i dont cut myself to enjoy the blood because i only try scratching really hard until there’ s almost blood but no scars. ii aslso do stupid things like hit myself and it seems that its been doing ok.

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