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    I’m the speaker at a meeting tonight and more or less freaking out. It’s in 4hrs and I am not one to speak in public, in fact it’s one of my biggest fears more so than death. I work full time and take classes at night, told my advisor that public speaking is to be the last class I will take ever, thats how bad this is for me!

    A few weeks ago I fought in a major jiujitsu tournament up in Chicago. I remember being shaky and freaked out that more than 2,000 people were watching me in the bleachers, more so than than the guy jumping around in front of me shaking out his wrists that I was about to fight….How messed up is that?! For that I closed my eye’s, said the lords prayer, then kept repeating in my head “I’m a bad mother “!$!#$” over and over, lol. Something tells me this mental exercise will not be effective for this evening.

    Anyways I am thinking about reading over my one year story I posted on here and just using that as an outline to go with. I’m not going to use notes or anything and just talk from the heart as the speech is going to be a train wreck of me turning red and shaking regardless. I’m just freaking out right now and really don’t want to do this at all 🙁

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