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    I’ve almost got 5 fragile months. I’ve been working with my sponsor for 4, and we were working on the 4th step. A great man who spent alot of time with me…but…he’s been out for a week, won’t return calls, won’t answer phone, he’s out.

    I’m very concerned for him, but, and this will sound selfish, now what do I do. Do I wait for him to come back, do I put out notice that I need a new sponsor, do I continue to call him, this is all new to me.

    I’m guessing that I need a new sponsor, but…and this is what makes AA so difficult, it asks that you put yourself out there, for the fellowship, but here it is again, burned by humanity and relationships. I almost feel like leaving the program.

    I know, woe is me, poor pitiful me, etc. Any advice or similar experiences out there.


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