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    This is an invitation to our regular

    12 Step National Meetings Meetings

    which are held in the [URL=”http://www.”%5D12 Step National Meetings Chat Meeting Room[/URL]


    Fridays 9pm EST – hosted by Pancake
    Saturdays 5pm EST – hosted by Pancake
    Saturdays 10pm EST – hosted by Nogard

    Need to work out your timezone? Click here :Time Zone Converter

    These are open meetings, EVERYONE is welcome.


    If you are sober, currently in recovery, or still struggling with alcohol, drugs, or any type of addiction, feel free to join us! We encourage you to suggest any topic you may want to discuss. We look forward to seeing both regular and new 12 Step National Meetings members, and to discuss addiction and recovery.


    As a reminder, here are the [URL=”http://www. Addiction Centers-chat-room-update-new-post.html”]Chatroom Guidelines[/URL]. If you attend a meeting and wish to share, type “!” and wait for the Host to call on you. When you’ve finished sharing, please remember to type “done”.

    REMEMBER, these meetings are open to everyone! See you there! 🙂

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