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    Hey everyone. I am a 33 year old guy who started with vicodin, then percocet and recently oxy. I was up to about 2 or so 80 mg oxys a day or about 12-15 percocet (whichever I had). Anyways, enough is enough! I went to a suboxone doctor after about 10 months of addiction, but after spending $3000 of my own money (didnt accept my insurance) I got one script and left. Well, i went back on, even though I was amazed with the suboxone results and I strongly think i was over the habbit and wouldnt even had to have taken suboxone again. BUT i decided to start again and now i have about 7 suboxone left and i want to use them JUST to get through the initial withdrawal period like many rehab facilities do and then be CLEAN…yes CLEAN!

    Is the 19th month habit Long in length compared to most? What about the dosage? Any thoughts are appreciated.

    This may sound NUTS, but when i started doing these with my friend (who is highly addicted to EVERYTHING he touches) I almost WANTED to get addicted to them, just to see what it felt like as i have NEVER been addicted to anything in my life. I dont smoke, dont drink barely at all and dont do other drugs. My friend even thought it was impossible for me to get addicted to anything….well I have found out thats not true!

    I am on day FOUR of suboxone and i only took a quarter of an 8mg pill today, and tomorrow the same and then a couple days at 1mg and then i dont plan on taking any more. I have heard this is very effective. Has anyone hear had good experiences? I want ANY and ALL stories possible. As i have a very stressful, demanding career and i make great money and I am on the fast track to success here so i DONT want to neglect my job at all. Also, only my ONE friend, who is quitting with me right now, knows i do this and i dont want to tell anyone else. I have started back at the gym two days ago and i feel great! I play a LOT of sports and i am VERY active….

    I just got back from my fourth day at the gym in a row and I feel awesome! I want to get off EVERYTHING (subs) asap. Can anyone tell me their experiences. I read to NOT ask for medical advice, but I do want to hear your stories to help get me through or your suggestions.

    thank goodness i found this forum and i want to talk.

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