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    Hi, I hate to post this – I don’t want any new people to read this and be discouraged. This is meant for some people who have a long time clean. I have been clean for about 4 mos. off of vicodin. I’m happy to be clean. I was even back to work and everything was fine, it was a temp job and now I’m looking for work again. I’m older, 58, and I am just wondering, maybe my age has something to do with it. I am feeling great sometimes but like this morning and all last night, I had leg jitters and this morning, I have that fluttery uneasy feeling that I get – I hate it. It’s better when I exercise, but we’ve been a bit rained in for several days and no treadmill here. It’s basically this: How long must I feel like crap? Does anyone know? One time, I was at a meeting and a girl came up to me, we were talking and she said “oh, you will probably feel like this the rest of your life.” This was a few years ago. I didn’t make it that time, but this time I know I won’t give up no matter what anyone says. I’m in this for the forever. But still, I sure would like to be feeling quite a lot better by now. Thanks for letting me share this.

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