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    I haven’t posted in a while although I check the site often.

    My daughter was born August 11th.

    However, even the birth of my daughter is not enough to stop drinking. Isn’t that selfish.

    I’m still compelled to stop at the store after work.

    I was sober for 2 weeks after she was born which was amazing but those cravings came back.

    The hardest part of the day is when I get off work. I can be motivated to stay sober all day but once 5 o’clock rolls around those cravings come…


    Instead of stopping at the liquor store, drive to a meeting, problem solved! 😉


    🙂 Hi again….


    I timed my cravings. They were 5-7 minutes in duration.
    Not too long too endure discomfort.
    Soooo….I took action.
    Walk around … brush teeth…drink cold water…a Lifesaver

    Within 2 weeks…the lessened in both time and intensity.
    By 2 or so months …. they vanished.

    Yes…attending an AA meeting is a wise move.
    Your resistance to change is self defeating.

    Blessings to you and your family


    Why not follow jets suggestion; however you only need to do that today. Tomorrow you can stop at the store!

    If you will continue to just do the meeting thing today and keep the option about the store open TOMORROW, before you know it your daughter will be 21 and she can run into the store and get your booze for you. TOMORROW!

    I have been planning my tomorrow drink for about the last 3000 days, because like you I just can’t seem to quit forever. In the meantime I am having a pretty good today.



    I suggest you to go here and read


    🙁 is that what you are passing on?


    Gary, I think I’ve posted this link before, but just in case I didn’t- If you leave Mesa at 5:00 you could drive right by those liquor stores and be here for the 6:00 meeting


    That reminds me of a story. Mine!! The moment my son was born I knew it was just a matter of time before I had to quit. I looked at him often saying to myself ” I’m going to have to quit one of these days” 2-3-4 years go by and I’m still saying it. 5 years old and it’s still happening. “I better quit soon” I would say to myself. “Man, I need to quit before he starts telling his friends”. For 6 years I kept telling myself this same old BS. I need to quit one of these days. Over and over like a broken record.
    Then the day came. They took my son!!! He was gone! He had to go live somewhere else. I remember the Officer and the Social Services lady telling me that I could go home and pack his clothes and bring them to the Office. All the whil i was sliding my beer behind the seat so they wouldn’t see it.
    I hated Her. I hated the Cops. I hated the system, I hated myself. And I fought like hell to get him back. Eventually I got him back.
    I worked the program and I worked it hard. I never wanted a life like that for My Son, My Wife and Myself. My attitude changed, my outlook changed, everything changed for me.
    That Beer I was sliding behind my seat 4 years ago was my last drink. That evil bitch from Social Services wasn’t evil at all. She was a Messanger! A Messanger that God had sent. God was doing for me what I could not do for Myself. God has a lot of weapons in his arsonel. He’s not afraid to use them either. I was one of the lucky ones when it comes down to it. I still have my Son, my home, my freedom and my wife. I didn’t lose anything. My Wife even kind of likes me now. If that aint the darndest thing you’ve ever heard. Sobriety was just given to me. A gift from God!


    Congratulations on you baby girl’s birth
    I have a baby of 16 months, when I got pregnant I stop drinking no alcohol at all I did not feel like it
    Then when i had my baby did not feel like drinking for a few months, but i did drink one and 2 an stop
    But lately i cant stop when i start
    Other days i can
    it depends how a feel
    that’s way on weds I’m going to get the campral to make not drink where cant drink with babies, you know?
    My husband is a jerk but good in that way to help me with the baby when i drunk
    Another husband will try and take my kids away
    i have a older daughter 2 she’s 8 years old


    Gary I found that quitting for some one else did not work for me because I still wanted to drink.

    After years of being begged by every one in my family and even threatened I still continued to drink!

    Hell my wife told me here and the kids were moving out in a month and the first though in my head was “Cool I can drink all I want to now and no one will bitch!”

    What finally got me to quit, I had a moment of clarity where I knew that if I did not stop I was going to lose everything material in my life and die a slow alcoholic death if I kept on drinking.

    I quit drinking for ME!!!!!! I wanted to quit!!!!!

    I finally was at the point where I knew I was powerless over alcohol and I needed help because I knew I could not quit on my own alone.

    I saw a doctor who told me I needed to be medically detoxed, I went to detox!

    In detox they told me if I wanted a chance at staying sober I needed to go to at least 90 AA meetings and get a sponsor, I went to over 90 AA meetings and got a sponsor!

    In AA they told me if I wanted a chance to stay sober and be happy I needed to work the steps, I have worked the steps & continue to work and live the steps.

    I did every thing that was suggested to me and today I am still sober and happoer then I have been in over 30 years.

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