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    Just wanted to report back on progress and thank everyone for the support.

    Its been a little over 3 months since I quick taking OC and havent touched it since. Quit C/T off appx 160mg per day (1 1/2 yrs).

    I feel better every day and feel like Im out of the woods even though I realize 3 months is nothing. I really dont find myself thinking about the drug, but worry that eventually my confidence will pave the way for a relapse. I also worry that I will forget one day what a nightmare it was coming off. When I come to 12 Step National Meetings here and read the posts, it continues to help me stay in tune with the situation I was in. I log in thinking no big deal, and log off thinking dear God never let me revisit that time in my life. 3 months has felt like 3 years.

    I know there are more experienced folks here, and ones that broke a much larger addiction than mine, but would be glad to tell anyone what did help me and what didnt. Just ask…

    Thanks 12 Step National Meetings, I really dont know if I would still be using or not hadnt I used this forum.


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