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    I went out drinking thursday night. Started at my parents house during a football game, then ended up taking a cab to another bar. Then I remember being at another bar that I have been kicked out of on numerous occasions. I got punched in the face, not sure by who and then ended up in county jail for trespassing. I ended up with a busted lip and a scratch on the cornea in my eye. I was able to sign myself out the next morning and then caught a ride to a steakhouse around 11 am. From there I continued the drinking. I got cut off from their and a couple of other places. I drank until about 11 that night and then called my mother to come get me. I have pretty much been sleeping since Friday night around 11;30. The only good things I can say is I havent had any alcohol in about 46 hours, I am alive, and more proof that I can’t drink successfully.

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