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    Hey Everyone, I joined last Wednesday I believe as Tuesday was my first day without opiates in a year and a half. Well Its now Monday, so at the end of the day today it will be one FULL week! I am so happy. I am down to about 1mg of Suboxone and tomorrow will be my last day on suboxone. I am literally taking a half of a QUARTER of a pill and will be done soon. I have definitely experienced EXTREME depression at times and I get very worried and anxious, but overall not too bad. I am assuming that the suboxone is not doing too much at this point with only 1mg in my body the last few days. I have some creepy crawly feelings too at times, but the gym has really helped out.

    Bottom line is that I WANT to NEVER touch another opiate again. I make damn good money in my career and I havent saved anything over the last year and a half and that makes me sick. I want to buy my parents a nice vacation, because they deserve it, buy myself a nice vacation and be happy again!

    thanks for listening.

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