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    I just wanted to type up a quick message about the damage to the heart that stimulants can cause.

    My sister suffered from a heart attack and died at age 38. She had a long history of cocaine and crack use among other drugs. The coroner said that the heart attack was caused by coronary artery constriction from her crack and cocaine use.

    I was hooked on adderall for almost 3 years. Next month I will have one year clean.

    My pdoc and general practitioner wanted me to see a cardiologist because of the amphetamine abuse. I had an echocardiogram and a non stress test.

    When I saw the dr for my results he informed me that there was a small area in the wall of my heart that wasn’t pumping as strong as it should have been.

    I asked him if I was going to die young like my sister. He said if I start abusing stimulants again there was a strong possibility. I don’t want to wind up like my sister.

    I typed this up because I wanted all the stimulant abusers out there to know how much of an effect cocaine, crack, amphetamines, etc can have on your heart. We are not invinsible. These drugs can really cause long term damage and can kill you. Not only stimulants; other drugs as well of course.

    I guess thats all I have to say.. If I scared at least one stimulant abuser by posting this I will be happy.

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