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    I know most people tend to think of liver or even heart when thinking of what their drinking has done to them, but what about stomach?

    For years while binge drinking I attributed my stomach issues to alcohol and spicy food, and thought that once I gave up the drinking my stomach woes would be over. Well here I am, sober, have been for quite awhile( not counting) and now I am awaiting a visit to a general surgeon to perform an endoscopy on me. I had a upper G.I series done last week and what showed up was not good. “Thickening of the stomach lining” I am only hoping it is not cancer of course and that it is fixable. I am in pain without my acid blockers and can’t help but think maybe the damage is already done, too little too late as they say..

    I really wish I would have straightened myself out years ago, now I am dealing with the possible after affects of my boozing and thinking of how much I love my girls and why would I jeopardize my life over some lousy drinks, or a buzz..the nature of this beast is horrific and it is hard to forgive yourself when staring at the negative physical affects everyday…

    Please any young drinker out there who think weekend binging is o.k, STOP! and research what alcohol in massive quantities over many years does to your organs!!



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