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    Texas Magnum just sent me his latest post for his blog site. It was about a strange dream he had in which a dead friend comes to visit him. Magnum is still using cocaine and alcohol in the dream, and his friend (who was an addict) is not at all. The freind is so happy and peaceful and Magnum felt that the dream has a message for him.

    I think so too. For one thing, I believe it’s pretty common to dream of using still when in recovery. And, I do think that the message of these dreams is about recovery. Even if it “seems” that the dreamer is having fun getting high or drinking, there is usually a downside to it presented in the dream or a message of some sort.

    Also, I found it interesting that Magnum says that in the dream there was a part where there was a show featuring people dancing with snakes and it frightened him. How symbolic, since in the poetry section of his site, he wrote a poem named Venomous where his heroin addiction takes the form of a poisonous snake.

    Do any of you have dreams of using still? Do you think there is meaning to dreams or are they just random?

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