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    Well, for those of you following along, the joke’s on me… my father is indeed out of town. I’m still glad I came though. When I didn’t hear from him in the AM, I decided to make my way over to Dr. Bob’s Home, the birthplace of AA. What an amazing experience. While I was there, there was a woman celebrating her 25th anniversary. Her partner and she sat at the kitchen table and she was given a silver medallion her partner had ordered especially for her. Seeing the actual place where it all started was an honor… being only 5 and a half weeks sober I almost didn’t feel worthy, as silly as that sounds.

    Upstairs are the bedrooms, including one used by Dr. Bob as the room of surrender, for the 3rd step. Many sponsors bring their sponsees to the home to do just that.

    Afterward, I ran some errands and came back to my friend’s house. She made dinner and we chatted, talked, laughed about so many things. She offered me some rum for my coke, but I told her my liver’s on sabbatical (and actually gave her more insight into that than I do most people right now). I had been worried earlier…. what would we do if we didn’t drink? I mean, how boring would that be, since that’s what we’ve done every other visit. Well, it’s been a GREAT night. Good food, GREAT friend, cool cats and 73 layers of blankets on the bed.

    Another sober day passes by, this one made a milestone by my visit to the AA site… and another day to be grateful for friends, sobriety, clarity, husbands, and of course AA.

    On my profile there are a few pictures…

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