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    Im a chronic alcoholic, everytime I relapse it gets worse and worse and I dread the detox because of the DT’s Im drinking at the minute. And it only gets worse gotta stop but cant get a detox because of it takes ages too get in there too get the meds, even the A&E wouldnt detox me told me we cant do it
    because I walked out cuz I was so choking for a drink I was seeing things that werent even there and I literally was a COWARD so wish I had stayed. I find it so hard, Ive got a liver doctor because of what happened before I went yellow like Homer Simpson and had ascittes my liver is in a bad way.

    Ive gotta learn a way too string my months of sobriety together without drinking again. I feel like a broken record, same old tune just keeps relapsing too the beggining.

    I dont get no enjoyment from it no more just a stillness, like a numbness I dont care about me or anyone around me. I just hurt everyone.

    I dont know if there are any free detox centres in the uk cuz my body aint gonna take it much longer. Ive gotta work so hard at my sobriety once I hopefully get detoxed just dont know if anyone knows of any detox centres in the UK.

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