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    I was unemployed for a couple of months this year much of it was spent using. I’m not sober yet but I do have a ‘get well’ job. I explained to my boss about what happened and that I was seeking help.

    Anyway its been a real struggle for me to get back into the habit of getting up and going to work in the morning. Its been a struggle for me to be on time. Its been a struggle for me to show up every day.

    Did anyone else deal with this? I haven’t figured out how to motivate myself to do this. I know what bills I have to pay and everything but sometimes I feel afraid to leave the house. Part of me just wants to stay inside my room with the blinds drawn and just use. The other part of me remembers how frustrated I was that my life was going nowhere fast and being desparate to get money so I could start paying off my debts and go back to school.

    I got a doctors note for the 2 days that I took off this week and I found out that addiction is covered under the disabilities act and I have told my boss. If I still have a job then I should be out of bankruptcy and back in school by the 31st of December. This is the second time I’ve done this in 3 months. Every time I do it I feel so glad that I can hide away from the world but I hate myself for not being more consistent and for putting all my hopes and dreams in jeopardy by doing something so stupid.

    I want to go back to normal. The way I was before I started using. I wish that I had never ‘taken time off’ from life. That has brought its own set of problems. I should just have soldiered on.

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