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    well, here’s my situation. I jus recently got out of a rehab and moved into a 3/4 house which is ok. When i first went to rehab i was in jail 4 months and i was at the rehab 7 1/2 months. Well I got out and everything was allright and now it’s real hard to get a job and I have no money in my pocket and not even change. None of my family help me now. They’ve done all they can for me. I dont even have any food. Guys at the 3/4 house have helped me but they can only help me so much. Rent is coming up and i have no money for it. I have a job waiting for me in my hometown and I have a home to go to. The thng probation all can say is they dont know what to tell me and I told her that she leaves me no choice to jus go home where i can work and stay in my recovery. I do want to stay sober and as long as i stay sober and work and pay probation I dont see any problem. Jus asking for advice

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