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    I’m on day six. What is considered a craving. I’m thinking about a beer. Is that considered a craving. Or is your body suppose to be acting a certain way.

    Only symptoms I have are exhaustion, headaches and sweating.

    Don’t sleep well either.

    I keep eating lots of candy. That feels like a craving to me. That I just have to have it more now than the beer. But I want a beer.

    Does this make sense.



    I’ve been posting way too much on all the New Recovery and now here these days. Thank you all for responding to me. And I thought Drinking made me chatty. Geezo


    Actually, you come up with some very, very good questions. I know for me it was periods of intense anxiety, physical in all it’s glory, that I would normally relieve with a drink or a drug. Sometimes it was accompanied by sweating and the like. It was a physical desire for something, anything, to take away the discomfort.

    Later it was more of a mind thing, the mental obsession if you will, in a social sitution where I felt awkward or the like and I’d think I sure would like something to relieve this, but not with the intense physical aspects. That was a bit easier, but it was still hard.

    Sometimes I still go through anxiety, but I can identify it with a situation rather than a substance.

    Don’t know if that helped, but it’s what came to mind.



    You’re going through withdrawals. This is natural. It is natural for your addicted physical self to want that which it has grown accustomed to. Give it a few more days/weeks to cycle through your body…depending upon the amount and length of time you’ve been drinking, that will determine how long it will take to fully get all the alcohol out of your system.

    One of my AA buddies like to tell the story of his first hangover…at 40 days of sobriety!! Give it a little time, and yourself a little compassion.

    Addicted persons easily switch from one addiction to another…so watch the candy…but, if it’s getting you through these days, please don’t try to give it up completely.

    What I realize with my food addiction, is that when I was craving (candy/sugar/chocolate), what my body was really craving was Nutrients, or just a big glass of water. I would be willing to guess that your body is craving some healthy vegetables or fruits, but we’re used to the instant gratification, and something to just pop into our mouths, so we go for treats.

    That’s understandable. Think of it some more, and try to figure out what your body is Really, healthfully craving (hint: it’s not alcohol…the human body has absolutely no nutritional need for alcohol…it is truly poison).

    Hang in there,


    since I stopped on 8/25 everynight around this time actually I start to get hot, and i’ve been getting some cold sweats and a touch of anxiety. its gradually getting less and less. Other times (like when I get off work and walk out of the bldg) I conciously think that a beer or a glass of whisky would go down smooth. the concious ones are easy to deal with right now, because I know I’m done drinking for good. However, the physical addiction part is a real pita, I know it will get better because of all the great infomation the fellow members have bestowed upon me.

    Hope that helps.


    The thought of a beer is just that – a thought. It pops into your mind uninvited. You have the choice of what to do next. You can dwell on the thought which actually may make you desire the beer more or you can simply tell the thought where to go. If you can identify what immediately preceded the thought, you have identified a “trigger”. Once you identify a trigger you can take measures to avoid them or be prepared when you know you’ll encounter one (like being at home alone).

    Secondly, I don’t think there is any “certain way” any body is supposed to act when giving up alcohol. Everyone drank differently and everyone’s human makeup is different. You are unique. Our experiences can help you be aware of things that MAY happen, but you should not be worried if they don’t happen or if you have other things that happen. I shoveled down loads of candy initially for the sugar replacement, then I switched “addictions” to needing diet coke and chips. I really need to address my addictive behavior, but at least I got the alcohol out!

    Keep posting questions!!


    Yay!!! congrats (((ONice)))

    I guess a craving would generate a thought so that you might try to satisfy it, so the thoughts are probably cravings. I tried to understand that it was my body’s chemicals and that they were out of balance and made me think of drinking. Well, when you are thirsty you might have a thought to have a glass of water … so I think the same applies.

    I realised that my body had no idea what was good for it and I just should not listen to those thoughts. Or I would just tell them that maybe I could drink when I was older. I just know that these thoughts need to be not taken seriously.

    Go girl, go!!!

    peace and love

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