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    Hi all,
    I’m back. I tend to make a few posts and then decide I don’t have anything worthwhile to offer so I disppear for a while. A couple weeks ago I was in bad withdrawls but didn’t just want to pick up my DOC OxyContin. I went to a psychiatrist specializing in addictions. He prescribed Subox 8 mg tabs. He told me to dissolve 1 under my tongue. Asked him if I would be able to drive and he said sure. Luckly the full affects of the drug manifested while I was in line at the Humane Society adopting a dog. I blacked out, hit my head and chin hard, bleeding all over, then began to vomit. The paramedics came but I refused to go, telling them I had steristrips in my care. Stupid willful me. I vomited for the next 14 hr non stop. It was hellish.
    Within a day I was back in full blown withdrawl and started stashing Oxys when I’d do a death visit (I’m a hospice nurse). I have an appt to see this doc tomorrow but am afraid of either outcome: going thru detox and then walking thru my life feeling dead…that’s how I felt after my last detox. I excercised, played with the dogs, cooked but inside I felt dead and completely without energy. I’m hoping to avoid that by taking subox for a while and then using any energy I may get from it to go to meetings, and connect with others. I wonder how common my response to the 1st dose was. I would so appreciate any insight or encouragemnt.
    Thanks to all of you who are here.


    Hello soulseeker, im sorry to hear you had a bad experiance with your first dose…!

    im on subutex myself I take 5mgs, so i can give you alittle of what i know about it, by the sounds of it you were not in full blown w/d before taking the subs…!
    That would cause you to be sick like that …! but that does sound an exrteme reaction…? cheak with your Dr…?!???!!!

    You are doing great,! there are only a few on subs here but im sure they will come n give you some of there ESH,…:)

    Subs are working for me. And they have also helped me get clean in the past.! …but i fell back into active addiction…!
    So when i came round i went stright for the subs as i get NO craveings or serious side affects like the methadone…!
    It is also an opioid, so you will still HAVE to detox from them but, it can be done sucssessfully, if you make major changes in your life aswell as getting away from useing…!
    I hope you keep with it and Good Luck at the Drs …!

    … :Val004:

    I carnt type very fast yet…! soz


    Yah soul im on suboxone too and I agree with arura. If your not in withdrawls or atleast mild withdrawls and you take the sub then the nalazone in it will make you go into full blown withdrawls and you will be really sick. How long did you wait to take it? My first appointment I waited 27hrs after I took my last oxycontin and then I took a 4mg sub then 6hrs later took another 4 mg sub and basically the first day i slept. It wasnt till the second day I started feeling great, but I never ever puked. Hopefully you and your doctor can figure this out but maybe you didnt wait long enough. Well thats my 2 cents. Goodluck…


    Hey soulseeker, I too am sorry you have suffered that way.. It shouldn’t have been like that.

    I do know that just as Walk with me said, you have to wait a certain number of hours before you can take that first dose of sub after your last oxy. I thought it was 24 hours or something? But there is alot of info online about sub. that the government has put out, as well as the makers of the medication. Maybe read some of that if you have time.

    I know alot of people used to take their first dose in the office, with the doctor, and then they would keep you for an hour or something, and they would watch your Blood Pressure, and things like that, to make sure your Blood Pressure was ok. Then if everything went well, then they would let you take the script and fill it. But I don’t know if doctors are doing that anymore.? Obviously yours didn’t, but if you go back, maybe that would be a good idea?? If your doctor would be willing?

    No matter what, I’m sure your doctor can figure this out. I am sure he has maybe seen a reaction to the medication before.

    I was off my DOC for well over a month when I started suboxone, and it didn’t bother me that I remember. But I believe my doctor started me on my first day at either 2mgs or 4 mgs and built me up. I myself never went higher than 8 mgs.

    Just be sure to listen to your doctor. They have normally worked with the medication for a while, and will know what is best. He will know if you should stay on it or not.

    I hope everything works out well for you. I know it has saved my life.
    We are here for you.. :Val004:



    Thanks everyone who responded. When I took the first dose of subox I had been off narcotics for 72 hr, was in full blown WD…sweating, gastro disturbances, chills, etc. I saw the dr today and he told me my passing out and vomiting were due to dehydration and being overheated. I don’t know if I believe him but the next time I took it I broke the 8 mg pill in little pieces and ended up taking all of it over 24 hr and really felt fine, not loaded but pretty darn good.
    Today the dr and I came up with a plan for me to take subox 12 mg daily for 2 months and then taper down. I don’t think I need that much but he asked me how the 8 mg dose was and I told him that towards the end of the day I was starting to feel anxious so he added 4 mg. I guess I can see how I am on 8 mg and just stick with that. I’m apprehensive because I am starting a new job the third week of Sept and don’t want to be a mess then. I do have trouble sleeping (seems like all of us do) and he thought dosing before bed might help. I’ll try it and see.
    I do know that I have to use this time constructively, go to meetings and reach out to my old friends in NA. I went for years but haven’t been back in more than 2. I know it’s my big ole nasty ego but I just hate the idea of having to raise my hand as a newcomer. Also, I was previously involved in NA before subox was widely used. I guess I won’t be considered clean while I’m on it or even allowed to share. What are other’s experiences?
    I’m relatively new to online forum lingo. What does LOL mean? Is there a list anywhere to explain all the abbreviations that people use?
    I so so appreciate the ready support and kindness I’ve found here. THANK YOU!!!


    Hello soulseeker, Im glad that its ALL working out for you now. It sounds like you had some bad reaction to them at first, as ive not heard off that happpening…!

    LOL = lots of laughs, or laughing out loud …! If you go to the cafe…! and look back ((Loolipop)) put up the lot…! just press the squares at the bottom and search …! It helped me Tons…! I hope that helps…:)

    Well it sounds like you got a plan there so good on ya honi…!

    Keep us updated…:)

    …Only Love…xXx…:Val004:


    welcome to the board.. i dont post a lot because i am crazy busy but definetly try to check in.
    here i go again saying the unpopular thing. Please take the time to educate yourself on suboxone and the doctor you have chosen.sub seems like the answer at first and believe me for some people its a huge step in the right direction. I have tried it 3 times with 2 diferent doctors and cannot even begin to tell you how painful it was to try to get off..again this is my experience and I am not trying to scare you just want you to have the right person and information if you go this route. being on sub is fine trying to get off is another story. a short term program is easier than long term. A for sharing in meetings I would raise my hand and ask you know some people in the program think if you are smoking cigs or on anti depressants your not clean so it really depends I would bone up on some na literature last time i checked it was “principles before personalities” meaning its not the individuals in charge but the covenants as laid down in the 12 traditions. I guess i am saying you have the right to be there as much as anyone else..people forget they sometimes think meetings are to sit around and congratulate each other on clean time in fact they are to also help the addict who is still suffering. good luck and good going


    It could be the naltrexone in the suboxone that had made you sick. There are a certain amount of people who get that reaction from Suboxone thus creating the same side effects as you had experienced. You can have your DR switch you over to Subutex which is without the naltrexone in it. Both Suboxone and Subutex work the same as antagonists to your mu opioid receptors.

    I also concur with FreedomfromFear. Educate yourself as much as possible about sub. Sub is a very potent and powerful drug and is a synthetic opioid and has a price to pay to get off. Sub has a life span of 72 hours and a mean 37 hour half life in your system and therefore takes about 3 days for it to totally dissapate from your body. Opiates have a life span of 8 hours and your withdrawal periods are shorter but not necessarily easier to deal with.

    However- it is a stepping stone to sobriety and often times will give you a false sense of secuirty but nonetheless you get to have your life back temporarily. People initially will be on the sub honeymoon (initial period of sub) and feel like they’ve just conquered the opiate beast but in reality you’re still on a synthethic man-made drug. Thus- tapering is the key to sub as well for minimal WDs. Good luck and read up on sub.


    Hiya Agent

    Nice to see you! Havent seen you for aaaaaaaaages!!
    How is life with you now? Are you still on sub – or off? Tapering?
    Would love to hear your news.

    How is Beginagain – do you know? Last time I was her she was having problems with her dad and her job? If she reads this – I would really like to know how she is? Is her dad any better? Did she take the job? LOL Too many questions!
    And as for TwinL…………………. she has emmigrated to the plastic surgery forums!! But would love to know how she is doing regarding the sub too. Miss her chat and humour………………..

    I am feeling great. Off everything but still having to deal with pain issues – there are no final answers – so try to take it as it comes and use common sense!! LOLOL



    Hi ya Woops!

    Good to hear from you!! you sound fantastic! I’m doing swell and not much change for me either. I have pain issues as well and I suppose as we age- it just doesn’t let up!! How are you dear?? I can see you’re doing grand by the dancing yellow thingys by your signature! Is that you now?? LOL.

    TwinL went where?? LOL to the plastic forums? is there such forums here on 12 Step National Meetings??? I haven’t spoken to her much either and last time she owed me an email. Well I will email her now since you have reminded me of that and ask her about her new boob job!!?? LOL!!

    I really don’t know too much about Begin because she really hasn’t told me much. Hopefully- she’s hanging on to her sub taper and will do OK.

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