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    Hey all,

    I have a question for a sibling…

    He and I have both suffered from depression off and on for years. We both have had alcohol issues, although he is definitely more of a “problem drinker” who can moderate when he realizes it’s getting detrimental to his life.

    (not that I make these distinctions or labels- but trying to explain that he’s not a chronic alcoholic and he lives with another sibling who would definitely fill me in if that weren’t the case)

    Anyway, I went to lunch with sibling2 last week and she told me he’s depressed again; I asked if he was on meds, and which one. She replied, “suboxone.” I was like, “Really?!” I wasn’t aware that it was prescribed for any other condition other than alcoholism.

    Has anyone heard of other uses of suboxone and I just haven’t done my homework? I’m not asking for medical advice– just looking for anecdotal experiences.

    Thanks! S

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