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    i was put on probation for misdemeanor marijauna and felony prescription drug w/out prescription(sister’s clonazepam) charges and my PO had me go to this substance abuse clinic to be evaluated for drug problems and in answering her questions I told the counselor how I seldom took the pills and smoked marijuana for stress and depression and she prescribed me this $350 12 week program, I’m assuming for people with addiction problems, of which I’m not one of.

    I feel completely robbed. She spent the majority of the questions getting getting to painful and personal issues then gets me to admit to some drug usage then bam, hits me with $350 12 week program robbery deal. I get this feeling they can do what they want with their certificates or licences or whatever gives them their power, but how is she exactly qualified to impose such bs on a person and how can I appeal her decision? Do I request an appointment with a different counselor or some doctor or something then take them(the clinic) to court? Do I have any legal recourse? Anyone have any insight into this issue? The probation is costing me enough. The last thing I need is more unnecessary punishment. Thanks in advance.

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