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    It’s funny, for years I tried to pick superstitious quitting days. Like 10/10/10, or numbers that would add up to my age, or other days like 8/9/10… Man my mind works in odd ways. You know what’s funny, this time I just had enough. I quit on 12/3/10. I thought that was kind of a “weak” quit date. The numbers don’t add up to anything significant or anything like that.

    Well, today in my meeting I relized that I will have 30 days two weeks from today. I then looked at a calender to see if I would have my son on that day because I want to get my token on the actual day and guess what??? It’s New Years Day! That means the first time since I was 15 I’ll have 30 days sober and that day will be on New Years Day. Kind of cool! One day at a time, but I do feel I will make it!!!!

    Good night all…

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