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    Long story short, one of my best friend whom is about 20 yrs older then me called me tonight to tell me about his brother that is in the hospital and basically on his last leg (lung cancer and dying from alcoholizim/smoking issues).

    I’ve known about this for the past week or two through other friends, but when he called I tried to not act much like I knew it because I didnt want to let him know I knew about his business till he told me about it.

    Long story short….I was as supportive as I could try to be with him, but when he asked me how I was doing (he knows about my addiction) I told him how I was which is doing good….but now I feel guilty for telling him how good I have been. I know he is happy for me, and he is my best friend, but I can’t help but feel guilty for making myself feel good when I’m tryin to be supportive of his dying brother.

    Am I just being stupid here? or was I wrong for even mentioning it?

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