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    Surrender, a simple but loaded word, not something we like to do. It sounds like a word for losers but if our old way of doing things isn’t working what choice do we really have. Surrendering to the fact that alcohol isn’t working out as part of our lives is not an easy thing for some of us. Just quit, sounds simple enough……..Yeah Right !!!

    I’ve been doing some introspection on this topic lately and why it was so hard for me to surrender. From the time I was very young alcohol was a part of everything, every holiday, family get together, fishing trip, all the good times. As I got older going out to the bars for a night out just seemed like the natural thing to do. It just progressed from there to the point that my brain processed good times = altered state of consciousness = alcohol.

    Once you begin to associate good times with alcohol you form a bond with it that’s not easily broken. Sure you get the hangovers and say “Never Again” but my brain had a strange habit of blocking out the pain and remembering the “Good Times” me and my old friend alcohol had together. It took about a week until the pain memories faded and the urge for more “Good Times” returned.

    Why some of us form this bond with alcohol and others don’t isn’t clearly understood. I only know that my off-switch was broken, my thinking was that if a little feels good a lot more will feel even better. I eventually figured out that vodka and valium made a great combination, that ended well, I wound up in the hospital and finally threw in the towel and surrendered. It will be 3 years this August.

    Anyone care to share on the topic of surrender?

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