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    13th of May it was: 18months without a license, 1000 dollar fine and 12 months good behaviour bond. The magistrate basically said if he find me there another time then next time would be jail. I nearly fainted there and then when he was talking. He made me feel sick to my stomach with the comments he made (I knew I deserved them, but it still was hard to hear) the sick feeling lingered on for the rest of the weekend and I feel emotionally exhausted, but so glad it is over and I can continue with the rest of my life. Each day at a time. Just focussing on my recovery which has helped me for the last eight months of sobriety to remain sane and not give up. Nine months ago the DUI happened and the whole month after that I rode myself of in not deserving to be alive for anyone, I felt unworthy of my newborn daughter back then, unworthy of my kids love, unworthy of any type of happiness I was very close……….Had I not been miracously been kind of forced into rehab by a hospital I ended up in in a drunken binge I am not too sure I would still be here…So I am grateful to be given another chance, it might be my third chance at life (with relapses) but I now feel and know that I am worth it that I am a good person and that only when I drink I become someone else………. Scary:tyou

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