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    I just do not know how those of you who tapered quickly or quit CT made it… good on ya. Really.

    I’ve started a taper – ok, sort of – agreed to start the taper with my doc (he knows I’m an alcoholic, haven’t told him I’m addicted to the meds) and then took as much of the stuff I could until I have just enough to spread out (thin) and keep me out of full withdrawals until my next rx – which will reduce in mgs again

    Every few hours I’m taking just enough to ease the withdrawals – the middle of the f*ing night, the morning, OMG I could scream from the pain in my limbs and back! I know, I should just quit… go through it and be done. But I must be a wimp because I just can’t stand it. And go to work like that…impossible! It will be a couple of months at least but eventually I will be done with this.
    Thanks for being here and inspiring me.

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