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    If you look at all the different treatment methods there seems to be a common thread that runs through all of them. To build a sober and sane life requires that we tear down a lot of our old thought patterns and replace them with new ones.

    We can quit drinking which is the easy part, just ask anyone on this board, many of us have done that hundreds of times. Nothing really to it…. just don’t drink! The problem is that the only thing we replace the drunk version with is a sober version of our old self. What we often end up with is a restless, irritable, discontent, depressed, anxious person that just wants a drink to make it all go away.

    If you really think about it we’re all just like grains of sand in the whole scheme of things. The universe has it’s reality and each of us has our own reality which we are the center of. We can only perceive the world around us through the lens of our current thought process, but what if all those years of drinking have left us with a totally screwed up thought process? Even worse, what if our thought process was always screwed up, how would we even know if that’s all we have to work with?

    If you do the deep introspection you start to see that maybe “I was wrong” about so many things. For me, admitting to myself that I was wrong about anything was never easy. Acceptance of the fact that I may have been wrong about a lot of it is really hard but if I want to rebuild a sane sober self to replace the alcoholic version what choice do I really have. The construction is ongoing and always in need of new building materials. Any thoughts or ideas…?

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