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    :c021:I am interested in hearing from a sober alcoholic that manipulated friends, family members, and loved ones for their own selfish wants. I would like to know how you felt once you came to realize the error of your addiction. I would like to know if you even realized how bad it was at all while you were still drinking and how much of others lives you continued to dispose of and trample on to meet your needs.

    I am a recoving alcoholic/codependant and I live with an active Alcoholic/Substance addict.

    I at times live an illusion, but I tend to forgive too much because I can identify. I am leaving this relationship finally after 2 years, but there really is a part of me that still remains in love.

    I do not think he is available emotionally, nor willing to recognize how 27 years of drinking has robbed him of life/love.

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