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    Dear All,

    I’ve discussed this a little in another thread, and thanks to the people who already shared their ideas – I’d just like to expand on the subject a little here.

    I’m on day 9 and have been planning to come completely clean with my wife about the drinking I have been doing without her knowledge, the hiding booze, lying – all of it. She knows that I’m trying to quit drinking, and even that I’ve been to AA, but she doesn’t have any idea how bad it really was. I figured it’s important to tell her for two reasons:
    1. She deserves to know who she’s married to.
    2. Once I come clean with her I’ll be able to truly lean on her for support, and will be much less able to sneak around should I be tempted in the future (possibly a selfish reason, but there you have it).

    SO…. I’m all geared up to tell her and then some people at AA are insisting that it’s a bad idea, unnecessary, will destroy trust etc etc. I don’t know what to do now and would love to hear some ideas on the subject. I want to do the best thing for her, but I can see both sides of the argument – it’s a bit of a tough call.

    Thanks everybody, I hope you’re all doing well


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