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    Hello folks, well today is the frist day of the Notting Hill Carnival…,! Its just down the road from me…Lots of my friends both clean n useing will be there, its the biggest street party in Europe and its on my door step…!

    I have been going for years, sometimes i dont bother…! but today LOTS of my friends are going, and are Expceting me to turn up,…asusual…UP for a PARTY…! Hummm…!

    I like it as we sit in a little skatepark with loads of kids, n bands n food and we watch the floats go by…! Its a gona be HARD not to go.!
    I dont know if im gona walk out of there with out having a drink or someone trying to shove a pill down my throat.

    Which i carnt take as im on subs,!…I get really sick, if i take E on top of subs…Some people,… DO NOT LISTEN…!
    They know im on the subs aswell… so why do they constanly do it…? its only some.. I can handle them…! BUT canrt stop them trying to SPIKE me or the temptation to do a line of something…or a damn beer…!
    im 33 days sober today… will a few beers hurt…? will i do a line/s…?

    Oh NO …! I dont want a bloody headache AGAIN …! :hypnotize


    Ive got to go and meet herv in the Garden now n talk about what were going to wear…????

    Its really sunny aswell….????:hypnotize


    Well ive now got a headache from the worrying…! so I aint going…!

    Stuck the dvd’s on n snuggleling up…

    No way can i do it to myself, at this time…! :skillet …! 🙂

    Im glad i have choice’s theses days…:)


    HOORAY ARURA!!! Congrats on making the best choice for you!! Sometimes turning away from temptation is tough – especially when friends and family are involved. But – we were willing to go to any lengths to get high right? So we must be willing to go to any to stay clean and stay with a program. I know that is tough – but maybe try to find some clean pals who support what you are doing. Hope you have a great day all to yourself – look at it like a gift to get some alone time.


    :Val004: Arura

    WTG!!!! My motto…..when in doubt, dont go!!!!! 😉 There is always next year but if you arent sure you are strong enough to not drink/use, then you definately made the right choice to skip it!!!! Enjoy your day!!!!!
    :Val004: Liss


    Thanks Ladys…:) well im still at home on my bum…:) .

    I actually made a wright decison, today …(((Liss))) so right if in doubt dont go…!

    I have 1 new friend, which is nice…! but i stay away from most of the people i know at the moment…!
    I dont want that type of life, and its down to me to change that…!

    So im enjoying the day…sober n clean …

    I used the dont get out of your jamas trick…! HAHAHA, way to comfy to bother getting dressed up…! im smileing aswell about it.!… As I made that desison I did’nt just go along with what others want me too…:)

    Its My choice now…!


    BRAVO ARURA !!!!

    My Post was going to simply be “Then Don’t Go!!” until I read down & saw that you made that decision YOURSELF !!!..:e025:

    I make those decisions myself and have found that many of those sorts of functions I am not interested in anymore. I realize now that the only reason I liked them before was for the beer gardens etc and the opportunity to get “wasted” for a semi-legitmate” reason…I also realize that I don’t even like the people that I used to hang out with purely to get loaded..I had drifted to “lower companions” because they liked to get as loaded as I did and did not critcize me for my using…hmmmmm

    Is there somewhere else (on the other side of town) that you can go and do something “special” for yourself ????So that you don’t sit home and think about what you are “missing”..Your “addict brain” WILL be in overdrive trying to change your mind..


    Again – Way to Go !! I’m Proud of You !!!!!




    I am soooo proud of you girl!

    love and hugs ~



    Ditto on what Deedee said, I was just thinking that, so proud of you…..let’s see, that will make ONE MORE DAY on your list now, won’t it, good for you for taking the next right step.

    Love Bets


    So proud of you:Val004:


    Awesome girl! That is so good to hear! I know that dilimia, I’ve turned down so many good parties since I quit, If I’m not sure I just won’t go….
    It is hard..

    But worth it!

    Congrats girl, Your doing it!


    I am Amazed that I made the choice to not go,…! its not 1/2 beers thats the problem its the pressure to do or be something i dont really want,… NOT anymore,..! I dont want to be a party animal, im NOT 21 anymore..!

    YA know what im saying…!

    Im Very Glad that I have a choice, today…!

    Also the risk of someone or something pulling me to the powders…NO THANK YOU…!,… im enjoying sobriety…!

    Why do others want to see you fail, or get ill, i dont understand why. Even after you tell them, they STILL, do not listen…! :c022:

    My mates wouldnt just buy me a lemonade…! :lala
    So im working on that one now too..

    Yep…and it’s still 33 days sober …WoW… Thank you

    Im so grateful for P.Js… they helped me today…!

    I wish I could thank you all twice sometimes…


    I am so glad you stayed home.Look at it this way maybe there is a bigger reason for you staying alone today.Maybe its a chance to talk to the one who created you.The lord works in strange ways sometimes.Maybe its a day for you and him.Congrats on staying home.


    My last/latest temptation was not going to the biker bar..I’m not a biker, just on good terms with some…Too much weed, & any pill I want to buy there…
    Reading your post felt good. Helped, gave me a bit of inspiration.
    All my old friends use, or are criminals, & use..So, I stay home. I just wish I had some straight friends..

    *nervous laugh* Nobody wants to play scrabble! :eek5:

    My mother blew me off today…(alcoholic)

    We were supposed to visit my buddy’s grave together. I can’t find the damned place by myself.

    ….Just me, & the cats…I need to get out of the house, but the last time I went out by myself I ended up eating valiums with beers. :hypnotize

    Hang in there, people out here are rooting you on! :banana:


    Crash n burn, ditto 99% of my old friends take something a spliff or a fix…!
    Most are crimnals also…! so i have detached myself as best i can, for now its just i live in the same area i used in…! so everyone knows my drity laundry…now…! I dont really care anymore what they think…!

    It is hard, when in early Recovery to make clean n sober friends, away from NA…! who are gona be at the carnival anyway…!:eek5:

    Its the second day today adults day … So im defo NOT GOING…!

    There a courner in portoblleo market called Recovery courner
    … go to any meeting in that area and you will find the NA lot hangin in this certain part off the market…!

    So even folks I know from NA, are going to be down there…!

    Like i said its not the coulpe of beers im worried about its the Rest…! No bloodly Way…!

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