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    Ok so I’ve been sober now over 6 months everything is cool
    I have no reason to drink so to speak, other than cravings
    or what I like to call me fantasizing about it endlessly.

    I go to meetings 4-6 a week it’s all cool for the most
    part, but this week I have to attend a company xmas
    party which is mandatory…. if that wasn’t bad enough
    it’s in a club and my boss and I drank together before.

    I’m terrified I’ll just be handed a drink if I show up
    and it will all snowball into insanity….

    goddamn it I hate December.

    I could just not go and make up an excuse or two
    but don’t wanna **** anyone off since everything
    is cool at my job and I’m looking to ask for another
    raise etc..

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