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    I want to express my gratitude to the program of AA and the fellowship of AA.

    When i got here i was a lost soul, i had been in numrable prisons, institutions and been near an alcoholic death a couple of times. i had two heart attacks and a stroke, everybody in my life stayed away from me, i had stolen from friends, family and anybody else that came near me.
    people would see me comming and hide or lock thier doors and pretend they wernt in.
    i lost my two sons, who i havent seen for some 12 years, my wifes, my homes, my sanity, my dignity, my self respect, my self esteem and nearly my life.

    2 yrs and the 12 steps later….

    tonight one of my sponcees asks me to be god father to his baby boy !!

    WOW !! i have a tear in my eye and a lump in my throat……
    i am so blessed to have found this program, i will never be able to pay back what it has given me………..



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