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    Have managed to stay dry over the festive season but today was the hardest day in a long long time. My mind changed so many times today but i kept remembering what happened to me on my last binge and managed to ride it out. So…im not out celebrating the new year and yes im in the house on my own but strangely enough i feel real good inside and had this real intense feeling that i had achieved something, like my brain had thanked me for fighting this out, almost cried with pride, first time ive been proud of myself in a long time. Im now going to start the new year with about 5 weeks of being sober behind me and managed to not drink through probably the hardest part of the year. Im not trying to blow my own trumpet but i really AM feeling good about this and just WANT TO INFORM ANYONE ELSE WHO IS STRUGGLING WITH THIS ADDICTION THAT IF YOU KEEP BATTLING YOUR WAY THROUGH THE HARD TIMES THEN YOU WILL FEEL THE REWARD, IT COMES AND GOES BUT FEELS REAL GOOD and i will use this post myself when im again going through a hard time to keep myself on the right track and well done to anyone else who has stayed sober through this time. HAPPY NEW YEAR AND IM SO GREATFUL FOR HAVING THIS SITE BY MY SIDE, ITS A WONDERFUL TOOL AND GREAT TO TALK TO PEOPLE THAT UNDERSTAND

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