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    Here’s a quick rundown of my situation: I grew up drinking with buddies in a rural/suburban city, so when we had nothing to do, we would grab a 30 pack on a Saturday night and have a party.

    By the time I was in college I would be classified as a binge drinker, two three nights a week, we all were. After graduation I took a job in Chicago as a bartender, and, to be honest I don’t know how it progressed, but 3-4 months in I was drinking every night. Then I’d wake up, be heading to work and have a shot, drink 5 shots while bartending, drink out of a little flask on the ride home (public L trains, not driving). I’d get home, make some food and put on a movie, then drink til I passed out. The hours were 15 hour days after transportation, so I was basically buzzed or drunk all day.

    Days off, nothing to do, might as well drink. Go to the beach with friends, everyone had a flask of some kind. If you know service industry, everyone goes out on like Tuesdays, and most are heavy drinkers. So between the environment, the accessibility (I never paid for a bottle, or rarely did), one would seem that it be difficult.

    So after a year in Chicago and probably 5 months drinking like this, I move back home to get out the situation. My sister gets married, my brother got married, bachelor parties, week long celebrations, the Packers also won the SuperBowl…it was non stop for about 8 months total of where I drank nearly everyday.

    So, one day I wake up and I wasn’t feeling well. Bam, I not blitzed by Alcohol Withdrawal, you name it besides a seizure or the DTs, I got it. Hallucinations in the broad daylight, headache, fever, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, nightmares, confusion, shakes, crazy high heart rates. All of it.

    Scared me shitless I mean I had drank before, woke up and not drank for 18 hours and this never happened, so I stopped drinking for a month. Then I went out with some buddies and drank, and it was back to the same old. On came the withdrawals after drinking for 5 days. So I talk to my uncle who’s a doctor and he gives me two benzos, lorazapam (Atvian) for use during the day because its short working, diazapam (Valium) to sleep, and supplements. Tells me to drink a bunch of water and they’d be gone quick. Sets me up a dosage schedule for the benzos. The first time it took a week, this time I was ok in a day or two.

    Problem is, if I ever want to go out, (he gave me all the samples that doctors get rather than write a prescription, long story short I have like 200 Atvian and 100 Valium), or I have a binge, because I have this “back up plan” if you will, it makes it hard to pass up a baseball game, a trip to the beach, or the bar and just not drink. I’ve went a month, 14 days, and a week, so I counted this is my 6th withdrawal bout.:c020:

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