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    I know I am an addict. I could quite possibly have been an alcoholic. These are labels that will follow me for some time into the future.
    I guess for some of us we can be private about what and who we are, not telling very many people, not having to report it on job applications etc. But for me it will always always follow me and I am still new to recovery, being at 15 months now and I have to wonder does the stigma ever go away?

    I realize that how I react to being an addict makes a huge impact on how non addicts perceive me. If I act ashamed, I will reap the shame. If I come out large and proud about it then people may be a bit more supportive and perhaps see me as an inspiration.
    I don’t feel like anybody’s poster child unfortunately. I don’t have huge amounts of fire and enthusiasm for recovery or anything else either. I am what I am and I would like to be able to get past this eventually. I guess having to be not just recovered but on 100% best behavior.

    Sometimes I really feel like I can beat the stigma but then sometimes I get defeatist and feel like I will never overcome people’s preconcieved ideas about what an addict is and what an addict does.
    I realize I can’t read the FF of Substance Users board because I am not any of those things that label an addict.
    Does anyone understand even what I mean?

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