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    I was very sick with bronchitis. So I went with herbal teas and vitamin C. Seeing my friends however, one in particular was so fantastic. I’ve been missing him for quite awhile and he is just a doll. I do feel the need to address some of the judgements and assumptions made on my previous thread. 1) My friends aren’t “drinking buddies” They are accomplished and published artists. They are becoming more successful and it did my heart so much good to see them before they leave for Japan. 2) I don’t appreciate being indirectly called “stupid”, by anyone- ever. that is not constructive input.

    On the downside- my boyfriend (or so I thought) was intimidated by the people there- art center owners, published cartoonists and established ceramicists and such were present. They were also showing and selling their work. This fed his own insecurities and I could see him getting upset that 1) People enjoy talking to me and 2) I hung two paintings that attracted interest and conversation. So he engaged in some very obvious flirting with another woman. Then he called me creepy and jealous when I noted it, and dumped me. Oh how insecurities play out. If people would only get a hobby. It was very good for me to see my friends- their presence reminded me that I actually deserve better treatment and am quite capable of attaining it. And that does my heart good.

    And thank you all for caring and responding.

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