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    EXERCISE. EXERCISE & MORE EXERCISE. Although everyday can be a struggle for all of us in recovery I have found a tremendous amount of pleasure in running and now biking. A friend of mine lent me his road bike last night and now I must have one. Road 14 miles and it was pure bliss. This morning I got up and ran 2 miles then walked 3. Every time I get the urge to use I instantly either get changed and go for a run/walk or drop to the ground and do push-ups and jumping jacks until I can barely stand lol. I started working out again on day 2 of withdrawals and by day 7 I was starting to feel alive again. 30 days later I’m kicking a$$ and taking names. Anyhow, I just can’t stress it enough to anyone who is struggling with withdrawals or just trying to stay clean. EXERCISE!!!! Much love and thanks to all of you.

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