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    Well, today I celebrate 2 pretty big milestones in my life. 100 days without alcohol, and also 7 years with the love of my life. And I can promise this to all who read: had I not put down the bottle those 100 days ago, I would not be celebrating my 7-year-anniversary today. My drinking and my behavior while intoxicated had gotten so out of control that my fiancee told me to leave the house and get out of her life forever.

    I did live the house.

    And went to an AA meeting.

    I didn’t tell her where I was going. I just went, and did the same thing later that night, and the next day. I told her I needed a couple weeks to get my stuff together and move out of the apartment. 4 days later, she asked me where I kept running off to, sometimes late at night (we have 10pm and 11pm meetings here in Atlanta). I told her about AA, and why I was going there, and that nothing and no one in my life was safe while I was drinking. I told her I had to get rid of this obsession to drink, and that my recovery was going to be the most important thing in my life. For without that, I could have no relationship with any person.

    I didn’t do as I had so often done, pump her up with stories about how sorry I was and how I was going to change. I started the change myself, and I didn’t put it in her face. I went about my business, and she started seeing a change in me. And she liked that change, and she loved me, and it’s gotten better ever since.

    So today I celebrate 2 milestones, because without 1 there would not be the other. All thanks to the Big G, without whom nothing is possible (for me, at least). And thanks to all you here at 12 Step National Meetings. We can do this!

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