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    I’ve mentioned this numerous times on here so apologies if anyone is already sick about hearing about it!
    But I’ve read alot about the serious dangers of quitting alcohol and I faced them head on last October when I ended up in hospital for 3 weeks due to a combination of three seizures due to alcohol withdrawal and blood poisoning.

    In no uncertain terms I was told that I was lucky because I am only 30 and the withdrawal seizures can be so serious that they can kill you.
    The seizures caused me to have a very badly fractured shoulder, 5 hour surgery and a metal plate in my arm, something which is going to affect me for the rest of my life and be a constant reminder of the dangers!

    I don’t know if anyone else here has been through that, but when you do you think it’ll then be easy to just completely quit drinking because of the danger you put yourself in.
    I soon found it wasnt’ as easy as I thought.
    Doctors told me that I could still drink, but that if I drank too much then the chances of having more seizures would increase greatly.
    So basically I started thinking ‘ok i’ll have a few pints now and again and that’ll be fine’.
    But unfortunately that does lead to more and I’ve had a few slip-ups since October which caused me a couple of sleepless nights because I felt like I was actually going to have more seizures – the heart racing, jumpiness, exactly how I felt before the original seizures.

    I just find it frustrating how so many people don’t even come close to understanding how hard it can be coming off alcohol if you’ve had a serious problem with it, let alone understand the serious dangers you invite by coming off it.

    I find that this place has been a genuine help tho, and for the first time I really feel I am getting there.

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