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    If we drink it is true that sooner or later we will lose everything that matters to us.

    I drink to wrap myself in the “alcohol mist” to avoid the things that are painful, in contrast I have a public job which i can do very well.

    I’ve never understood why drink takes over my life, I can only surmise that it might have been the boredom, the long sober hours to fill, which are still there even after you have done a 10 hour day.

    You have a lot of friends, but your only friend is the bottle, gilfriends, jobs, tasks and hobbies simply drift away.

    I used to play the piano, I doubt I could even open it up these days-let alone do any Chopin
    I’ve thought of cold Turkey, but am afraid of what might happen if I do that.

    How did I get here?
    How do I get out of this place

    Any comments good or harsh are welcome

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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