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    From the moment we are born until the moment we die we are here to experience
    a true joy in living. A true joy in every moment that we are here alive.

    When we squander these moments away for that next promotion or increase in salary
    in the thinking that when “I” get this and when “I” achieve this “I” will be happy and
    will have “made it”.

    When one looks around today we see the waste of these moments in everyday life.

    Working overtime to pay for the lavish vacations and material trinkets
    that you think you need.

    Strangers taking care of your own children because both we have
    decided that the material items are more important than spending that
    small precious window with our children when the only thing they want is to spend
    time with mom and dad.

    With all this the burden of keeping this unsustainable house of cards together comes
    abuse in many forms.

    Only when time runs dry we fully start to understand that one was tricked out of what
    can not be replaced at any price.

    We never read about the ones who upon the door of death the regret of having more money or
    material items so that they would have been more complete. No we hear over and over the regret
    of not spending more time with family / friends. The regret of not spending more time
    on them selfs.

    No greater sadness comes to mind when standing at this door and thinking of all the
    things one should have done in life.

    That is the moment of hell… Regret in living.

    When we can start living in the moment and start to understand the gift that has been
    given to us can we be completely free to experience life the way it was meant to be.

    When my time here is done I will be standing at my finish line with no regrets, no sorrows
    and will truly be excited and thankful for the experience.

    That will be my moment of joy… Excitement in living.

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