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    So I was doing a favor for my ex wife ( installing 2 – 75ft. dog runs ) in my free time before I go to work today ( oh yeah I’m sick too 😉 ) I was running tight on time so I was already flustered. Also I should mention I purchased these items as well and spent several hours running around town pricing them out. I told her I would do it today ( Mon. ) but I had many reasons / excuses why I could not today, but I chose to see about getting it done . In recovery I try to keep my word, and I seem to be able to do so when I’m sober. Not to mention all the dog crap that I managed to get all over me and my shoes and jeans from climbing the ladder 😉

    I should also mention that last night she gave me the what for, apparently for no reason.

    So as some of you may know, after I was done, I started having the conversation before the conversation in my head. I was thinking ” your effn welcome you [email protected]#%^@$%&@#% “, then I stopped myself that instant, and said to my HP, thank you for letting me get this done in time. And w/ that it’s like it all got better.

    just thought I would share

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