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    Well, I did it last night. I always find the first day the hardest and I wasn’t sure if I could do it but I did…and woke up feeling great!!

    I’ve been weening myself off alcohol all week and last night was the first night that I didn’t have a drop. I slept right through the night, feel awake and alert and wasn’t gagging for water. I’ve started my day with a fresh fruit juice and made home made soup for the first time in ages (I used to always make nutritious yummy soups). I’ve loaded the dishwasher and cleaned the kitchen and now going to have lovely shower…I’m productive again!

    When I feel tempted I’ll go back to this post to remind myself why ‘just one drink…’ isn’t worth it.

    I hope I’ll get through this Christmas when everyone else is drinking…but I’ll deal with each day as they come 😉

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