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    Now that I am sober I am soooo realizing what a drunken town I live. Even a Mormon (no offense please) could be swept in by the never ending party.

    Well last night my husband kids and I went to a local pop festival sponsored by a local foundation for various charities, at first I really didn’t want to go, after all this was one of those events that I always “pre-drank” for. What an eye opener, at first I was really uncomfortable I wanted that that comforting old friend in my hand, so I got my trusty water and hung tight.

    After a while I started running into many drinking buddies some of whom should have their name engraved on their barstool, most proud to boast (slur) how they had started not to long after noon (it’s 7:00) or how they had been to the afternoon fundraiser you know the $30.00 for all the burgers and beer you could eat and drink, one.

    The more people I ran into the less I wanted to drink, I think the multitude of drunk mothers toting their children behind them thinking no one noticed, well I wouldn’t have 3 months ago because I would have been drunk too, and my husbands commenting on how, he or she is always drunk (I’m sure many people have said that about me) made me proud to be sober.

    I had at least a dozen people offer me a drink, four times there was one actual put in my hand. I said no thank you sometimes two or three times and handed it back. Some were shocked, , two asked if everything is okay, after all aside form being pregnant this party girl never turned down a drink, and the rest took it in stride.

    All in all the night was fun, I saw a whole different picture of the scene I had been part of for many years and I faced the fear of being able to attend a town function and not partake in the drunkenness.

    My husband had two beers in the course of the five hour event….

    …but that’s okay he can have two beers I can’t

    The general consensis of the evening was that this was the warm up for Labor Day Weekend:bigcry


    I have a better time not drinking too.

    peace and love,
    Brigid 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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