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    So I’m coming out of Metro Court today after meeting my PO. I walk out, someone passes by me… Here is a script like version….
    “Hey Craig!”
    “How are you, are you doing better? Are you sober?”
    “Yeah, who are you?”
    “Sorry, I’m the officer who arrested you.”
    “Oh yeah, I remember the face, but you don’t have your uniform on. Sorry.”
    “What’s happening?”
    “I just went to metro and saw my PO.”
    “Did you blow clean, did you test clean?”
    “Yes, and yes.”
    “Okay, me and my partner discussed it, and as long as you comply with all requirements of your probation, we decided we won’t appear for our interviews or in court.”
    “Yeah, you’re a good guy who’s just an idiot. Stay off the alcohol and you deserve another chance. You’re the only prisoner we’ve had who’s been very cooperative and decent to us.”
    “Well, thanks for stopping me before I hurt someone.”
    “Just make d**n sure you stay clean, you’re too decent to go down for this.”
    “Thank you so much officer (and he actually shook my hand)”

    Can you believe that s***?? I just got an officer to give me a dismissal?!

    Anyone who doesn’t believe in a higher power, well there you go. Good things can happen to us. WE ARE NOT bad people, we made bad choices. Things will work out if you trust.

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