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    “The Only Constant In Life Is Change”

    Change is constant. Your physical body changes on a minute by minute, day by day, month by month, year by year basis. You know that you can exert considerable control over that, by, sex, smoking or not smoking, exercising or not exercising, the food you eat, and so on. Some people choose to do certain things deliberately, to control their weight, get and stay fit, and stay healthy. But Everybody changes physically.

    Change happens in every other aspect of living too, for everybody. Marriage, divorce, kids, get a job, lose a job, buy a home, move, get older, learn something new, education. The list of changes is endless. But you can make it work FOR YOU or let it work

    You see, the biggest difference between farm animals and human beings is that we have the power of choice. The ability to make choices and decisions. Of all the creatures on earth, only human beings have been given the power. Will you use your power or ignore it? It may be time to STOP “Going with the Flow”

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