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    If your new please take a moment out to read this.

    I am constantly seing and hearing newcomers say “i have stopped, so why do i feel so bad, I go to meetings and it dont seem to be working for me”.

    AA meetings is NOT the program of alcoholic anonymous, (they are part of it). The program is in the book and the 12 steps. if your an alcoholic (and you can quickly diagnose yourself).

    “if when you honestly want to, you find you can not quit entirely, or if when drinking you have little or no control over the amount you take, you are probably alcoholic. if that be the case you maybe suffering from an illness that only a spiritual experience will conquer”. big book p44

    is this you ?

    if it is, the spiritual illness that you suffer from wont just go away because you are attending meetings. let me say this, just because the bloke or woman you know (just goes to meetings and there alright) do that, does not mean you will be.
    Look, let me be brave here, just because i sit in a room and say i am an alcoholic doesnt make me one, BEWARE OF HEAVY DRINKERS !! they can look like us, sound like us and even drink like us, but thier not one of us. when they stop, they can stay stopped without much problems. if i stop (without a program of action) over any given time i will always get worse never better. WHY? because i have alcoholism and when the drinks gone its still there.

    what does that feel like ?

    i am always bored, the grass is always greener over there. and i want what you have, (even if what i have is better than what you have). the book calls it “irritable, restless and discontent”. doctors opinion bb, pxx1v.

    unless i work a 12 step program of action (sponsor, steps, service, suggestions) i will not treat the malady(illness) and sooner rather than later i will go insane and i will drink again.
    thats been my experience over the past 12 years.
    stopping has never been my problem (once i stopped three times in one day), staying stopped has been my problem.

    today, i treat the malady (illness), and i have a wonderful fantastic life that i never thought possible. There is a quote in another big book (bible) that goes “you will know a peace that passeth all understanding” and thats what i have, a peace inside me that only another alcoholic who has had that feeling
    of untreated alcoholism would understand.

    peace and fellowship to you all, may your god keep you safe.

    Quotes:Alcoholics Anonymous, 1st. Edition

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