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    Last night I was so mad at my husband. He drinks (and i think too much but thats another post) and was enjoying beer after beer while my daughter and I were at Girl Scouts. When I cam home I was annoyed with him the minute he spoke but I just moved on. We all watched Survivor and he kept drinking. Well then he went to bed and I proceeded to clean up the kitchen. He left 1/3 of a beer on the counter. I looked at it and looked at it. I didn’t want to drink it and I poured it down the sink without a thought. I really didn’t have a desire but I was just so mad at him for just leaving it. It was so inconsiderate. So I spent the night being mad at him. And off he went to work and I was still mad at him.

    Then I thought about it. He didn’t even know I was pissed. So he called me about something or another and I told him how I felt. I said that although I may apper to have it all together I am an alcoholic. he agreed and apoligized. If I had never told him he wouldn’t have know!!

    Certainly this won’t solve all the problems we have but it definetly a step in the right direction. I can’t hold him responsible for something he doesnt even know about!

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